Sunday, December 29, 2013

Post-Christmatic Stress Disorder

I suppose I should say something about the holidays, or maybe post some holiday songs. Truth is, a) most of the Christmas stuff I have is either available to buy somewhere or already shared on some other site like this one; and b) holidays suck. Especially if you're as single as I am and work requires you to spend holidays with it on certain years. Normally I'll burn a few Christmas albums to CD and wrap my apartment door up in nice shiny paper. This year, neither nor. It even took effort to listen to the CDs I've already burned. I don't know why it hit so hard this year, but wow, did it hit me. Christmas, like youth, is wasted on the young.

There is a little more of that series I promised you (I'm sorry, "promised?") earlier about all that '80s rock I found. At the risk of overpromising even more and underdelivering even less, I won't talk too much about what else is in the future. Maybe I should resolve to be a little more involved with this blog, hmm?

Thanks for hangin' in if you're still there.