Friday, June 13, 2014

Like Me On facebook!

Yeah, so this twitter experiment I was doing with this blog hasn't exactly been going much of anywhere. Was it me? Was it this blog? Or was it the fact that twitter seems to be going the way of Quadrophonic sound and almost half the people who use it have never made a tweet?

I know one thing: you kids love your facebook. I, however, see it as a necessary but oddly useful evil for keeping up with people I don't get to see enough of in person. If you feel the same way, at least about this blog, join the madness at What's in it for you? Well, since you're so attached to facebook already, you can find out when I post new things here while you're there. You can also find out what I'm spinning...when I remember to post that sort of thing. And you'll get special bonus material you won't get on the blog! In short, I'll probably be updating facebook more often than the blog, but don't let that scare you off. In fact, use the facebook page as a supplement to the blog itself to get the maximum experience! Think of it as a freemium app - the facebook part is the free teaser, but all the juicy stuff that makes it great is here on the blog.

Like and share! And be on the lookout for some WFMU Record Fair finds soon.