Wednesday, November 26, 2014


It happens a lot as businesses look for a way out from under the weight of crushing financial obligations. It also happens in people's personal lives. And when it does, priorities change.

My restructuring is a little different. See, I'm staring down the barrel of my 40th birthday, and as I alluded to at the first of the year, I want to make some changes to myself. Those changes go deeper than just losing a few pounds (and by that, about 50 so far), but that's been the main priority. Workouts + 12-hour nights = less time for a lot of things. And unfortunately for you, this blog has been one of those things there's been less time for. I already have a new year's resolution in place to try to balance it into my spare time a little better. I'm rethinking the workstyle I've been using to put the posts together...and I have another idea - one that'll get you more involved, too.

There's a facebook page that goes with this blog. Some of you know that, and I appreciate you liking it and making your visits. The page's intent was to let you know about new posts here and keep you entertained while you wait. I'm taking that to a new level. Any time I'm listening to something blogworthy, I'll let you know about it there. Then, if you like it and/or comment, I'll do a post on it. I might even tell you about the more mainstream stuff and post conversation starters about other things. What you do there will influence what I do here.

In short form, I want to "communitize" this blog. I want to be a more active member of that community, and your input will be a huge help in me becoming one. So in the spirit of the holidays, I thank you for hangin' in and enjoying what I offer. There's more to come...however sporadically. Help me keep it coming.