Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Back in action

It's August...the students are moving back into their dorms and the football players (who are also students) are readying up to take the field here in my NEW location! What a long, strange trip it's been. What a hideoulsy expensive move. What a disappointing area for thrift stores. What stories I have to catch you up on.

And of course, what music I have to talk about. I just got a nice load of it the other day from a flea market a friend took me to. And there may be another load of it next weekend if I'm not careful. I found out the seller has an album that's much sought-after in certain circles. With luck he'll still have it by the time I see him again. We're both hoping I do see him - we had a nice conversation as I dug through his massive collection to make some of it part of my massive collection.

I'll be digging more through that massive collection...and I'll also be looking for some kind of alternative to Deadshare - other bloggers like me have turned to Google Drive for uploads, but since Google owns Youtube, and Youtube is the way it is with copyright claims, I'm hesitant. Ideas are welcome so I can restore what many people consider the main reason for blogs like this.

facebook is no substitute for the real thing, but you'll be entertained there between the posts you see here (and there have been a couple lately). So good to have you back if you've gone, and welcome if you're just joining.