Saturday, January 25, 2014

That's A Plus

For reasons I'm not too entirely sure of, I'm on Google Plus+ (or however it's punctuated) now. If you're a fellow vinyl blogger, chances are I've seen you over there on the right in that little Friend Connect thing on someone else's blog. I got curious and thought that'd be a cool place to hang out - or Hangout, even.

So how does it work, exactly? I hear about the Circles, I see the Friend Connect (which I assume is related somehow)...and the main page looks like facebook with round avatars sted square ones.

So what the hell am I there for? Oh, I don't know. Seems like a...different...way for us vinyl bloggers to stay connected between blog posts, and general fans to, I don't know, "connect." Besides, I'm on facebook enough already. I need a change.

So yeah...if you're on Google+ too, uh...come be in my circle. +1 me. Or whatever you do when someone you know tells you they're on Google+Plus. At least tell me how you like it and what I can expect.

If all else fails, I can set up a facebook page for this blog instead.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I Resolve...

Look. You're not gonna keep that resolution. I KNOW you. You've made that resolution and broken it four times already. It's OK.

So have I.

But my excuse is, it's snowing, and walking to the gym from my apartment would've been a huge mess. Besides, I walked a little yesterday!

Maybe your excuse is something more like this:
There's apparently no limit to the variety of exercise albums you can find in a thrift store. Which, this time of year, shouldn't be a surprise. In Aerobics Country Style, we've got a Jeff Foxworthy-type named JD Feelgood guiding you through early-'80s country hits with some Southern-fried instructions, such as getting into "the Yogurt position" and "spreading fertilizer." Like most other albums, it's pretty straightforward and the country angle is its only real departure. Then again, when was the last time you thought about working out to a Johnny Paycheck song?

OK, so we missed Jewish New Year by a few months. But we can still enjoy Ella Adler and the Neshoma Orchestra's Jewish workout, right? It's almost like exercising with Rhoda Morgenstern as your personal trainer. This unorthodox concept features orthodox Jewish music to sweat to.

It seems to me from what I read on teh Googlez that Heavyhands is a pretty popular MMA-style workout these days. Well, this is where it all got started 30 years ago. Dr. Len Schwartz invented it after becoming unsatisfied with the state he was in. It was a simple idea: pump weights while you walk to maximize your workout. This album, on Casablanca Records, helped you not only maxmize your workout, but your entertainment as well. Hear Who Can It Be Now as performed by Men After Work.

If you need inspiration to better yourself this year, like I do, I hope this works for you.